Is it octopuses or octopi? Well, technically, you can use either term. The cool name options aren’t the only amazing things about these animals, though, and in exciting news, researchers have finally sequenced the octopus’ large genome. Scientists also worked to understand gene expression in a dozen different types of tissue from these interesting creatures.

You may wonder why the octopus genome is so important. Well, not only can it give researchers clues as to the evolution of certain traits, but it may also hold some significance for human studies. By understanding genes and proteins that are responsible for the development of neurons, color and texture changes in the skin, and intelligence, scientists may be able to find similarities to other animals, including humans, that could provide some insight into these processes in other species.

Read more about this research here. For proof that both “octopuses” and “octopi” are perfectly acceptable words to refer to a group of more than one octopus, click here. To watch a video that is sure to make you laugh- and appreciate octopuses/ octopi even more- click here.

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