How are you at multitasking? While it may come easy to some, I certainly know people who aren’t the brightest crayons in the box, if you know what I mean- carrying on an intelligent conversation while doing ANYTHING else just isn’t going to happen. So it makes you wonder- how does an octopus simultaneously operate eight appendages, when some humans can hardly handle four? Researchers studying octopuses think they have finally figured out their secret.

Researchers believe that the central brain of the octopus doesn’t have to make all the decisions, but instead only decides which arm it needs to activate. Based on the observation that the octopus can move in any direction, regardless of the orientation of its head and body, it seems that arms are controlled independently of the body and head. The peripheral nervous system of the octopus has almost twice the number of neurons as the central nervous system.

Could the brain of the octopus turn the controls over to the arms? Do those arms have a mind of their own? Takes ‘multitasking’ to a whole new level! Octopuses are awesome- check out this post to prove that fact– but the more we understand about them, the more incredible they seem! Read more about this research here.

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