Tens of thousands of people have died from Ebola in several countries in Africa that has resulted in a huge push to develop vaccines, hundreds of thousands of dollars. Reports say that the disease is on the decline, but not completely gone for now. What about other populations in Africa? As the ebb and flow of Ebola goes, it is not just humans that are affected. The Great Ape population has also succumbed to the deadly disease. Why? Because they are, DNA speaking, our closest relative in the animal world, and therefore are targets for many of the maladies that are human as well. An already dwindling population could be completely decimated by EBOLA.   But we have the capability to save many.

Factors that effect how the Great Apes, Gorillas and Chimps, survive include deforestation of their environment, pushing them ever closer to contact with humans, and diseases that could kill them. An Ebola vaccine exists that could help the Great Apes. Unfortunately, many believe that giving a vaccine to the Great Apes is not acceptable, even if we could save them.

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