Mice used in scientific research have been instrumental in our advancement of medicine. Scientists use them to develop drugs and cures for almost every disease known to man. From cancer research, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, as well as obesity, and paralysis, mice have played a crucial role in our understanding of many of these diseases. Scientists are now developing mice that mirror our own diverse genomes, which will allow them to use personalized medicine. Personalized medicine is an emerging practice that allows researchers to treat an individual based on their genetic makeup. Drugs affect people differently, especially based on their genes. Scientists can now study how the different genes are affected in mice, leading to a better understanding of personalized medicine in humans. By altering the genes in mice and giving them more genetic diversity that mimics our own, researchers will be able to see how different drug therapies work based on an individual’s genes. This is a great advancement in scientific research and medicine.


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