Rodent to human zoonotic disease (diseases transmitted from animal to human) have been notable over the years; take the plague for instance. ┬áKilling between 75 and 200 million people in Europe in the mid 1300’s, it took decades for Europe’s population to recover.

So what if the Black Death was somehow predictable? Well, with the help of some scarily accurate artificial intelligence, zoonotic outbreak may actually be pinpointed. Researchers using machine learned and identified more than 150 different rodent species and whether they are or are not reservoirs for zoonotic diseases. They also included species’ geography and reproductive behavior such as litter size and frequency. The artificial intelligence, or AI, eventually created its own set of rules about which rodents had zoonotic potential, which rodents were currently infected, and where an actual outbreak could occur with a 90% accuracy rate. All this by utilizing field research data that had already been collected and recorded. Click below to learn more on this study.

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