Prosthetics are capable of changing a life for the better.  I am a firsthand witness of this with my husband.  When he was trying to salvage his injured leg, he was in pain, unable to do the things he wanted to do, and frankly, unhappy.  Having his leg amputated and being fitted with a prosthetic leg changed his world for the better.

A bull, by the name of Dudley, has been given the same opportunity to return to an active, less painful life.  Dudley has undergone an amputation and is in the process of being fitted with a prosthetic.

His surgeon, made a powerful statement that I find is true for anyone undergoing an amputation and being fitted with a prosthetic – human or animal.  He stated, there are two things about the mentality of a patient that has a prosthetic limb.  The first thing is that they have to be willing.  They have to be willing to use the limb.  The patient must also be willing to interact with people.  Mentally, the patient needs to allow people to work around the limb and the prosthetic.

This is a powerful statement that applies to patients – both human and animal.  Wearing a prosthetic isn’t for the weak.

This is a must see video – amazing that we are capable of changing Dudley’s for the better:

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