If you’ve ever been to the beach, you understand the allure of the seashell. Have you ever held a shell up to your ear to hear the ocean? Well, now researchers are studying shells and listening to what they have to say- just in a slightly different way.

By studying the internal structures of certain types of shells, researchers are learning how they have evolved to be extremely efficient at withstanding pressure. Grooves in the shell help to distribute stress, and shell design helps to protect the interior layers of the shell (and the animal inside).

Scientists are using 3D models to figure out ways to copy nature’s design for human benefit. The hope is that they can re-create these efficient structures to make packaging or even shelters that could provide superior protection during natural disasters.

It’s amazing that we can study these animals and gain some insight and inspiration into new applications that can help humans. Seashells evolved as they did for a reason; now, scientists are listening to them in a whole new way!

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