Parents have often been accused of selective hearing when to comes to repetitive noise from children. Likewise, children seem to hear what they choose. Selective hearing is a real occurrence in humans and in birds. That’s right!

We humans can start a conversation, and as noise levels grow around us, most of us can continue, and understand the conversation. How does that happen? We can hone in on a particular tone of the other person’s voice that helps isolate it from the rest of the noise. Birds, parakeets to be exact, have the same ability.

Researchers at the University at Buffalo say that timing and complexity of sounds has a lot to do with how we and birds can focus on particular auditory cues. It’s pretty amazing with all the sounds that are hitting our eardrums we can recognize and prioritize sounds that seemingly overlap in frequencies.
Research in the auditory system helps us learn how we make sense of the world around us.


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