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July - December 2017

December 27, 2017   3D-printed scaffold mends bones in rabbit study
December 20, 2017   Veterinarians fetch samples from golden retrievers for long-term study
December 13, 2017   Canine clinical trial of brain cancer drug to start soon
December 6, 2017   Animal research benefits animals
November 29, 2017   Scientists track brain activity as amputee monkeys control robotic arm
November 22, 2017   Researcher embraces outreach after being targeted by activists
November 15, 2017   Organoid studies in rodents open promising new lines of brain research
November 8, 2017   Why animal health is important to all of us
November 1, 2017   Campaign highlights the many ways animal research helps animals
October 25, 2017   Coalition calls for unified standards for lab animal oversight
October 18, 2017  Lasker Foundation intensifies advocacy for biomedical research funding
October 11, 2017   Veterinarians: Research on animals helps animals
October 4, 2017   Growing number of clinical trial participants have four legs and a tail
September 27, 2017   Addiction research could improve countless lives
September 27, 2017   Addiction research could improve countless lives
September 20, 2017   Animal lovers should support animal research
September 13, 2017   VA secretary: Canine research program saves veterans’ and civilians’ lives
September 6, 2017   Stem-cell treatment in monkeys with Parkinson’s shows promise
August 30, 2017   Bulldog pups doing well after novel treatment for spina bifida
August 23, 2017   Why biomedical research is key to addressing the opioid crisis
August 16, 2017   Biomedical research is vital to tackling public health challenges
August 9, 2017   Animal research transforms the lives of injured veterans
August 2, 2016   Elderly chimp brains exhibit Alzheimer’s signs
July 26, 2017   Lifesaving medical breakthroughs still depend on animal models
July 19, 2017   Animal research yields life-saving breakthroughs
July 12, 2017   Mouse study suggests malaria drug may provide Zika protection in pregnancy
July 5, 2017   Should we vaccinate people against Lyme like we do dogs?

January - June 2017

June 28, 2017   Animal research: The foundation of public health studies and interventions
June 21, 2017   Studying diseases in dogs could lead to faster cures for them and us
June 14, 2017   Vaccine blocks heroin high in non-human primates
June 7, 2017   Research highlights link between men’s, offspring’s health
May 31, 2017   Animal research relieves pain and suffering for humans, animals
May 24, 2017   What feline hyperthyroidism means for human health
May 17, 2017   Dogs fascinate researchers worldwide
May 10, 2017   Research team successfully edits rhesus monkey embryos
May 3, 2017   Researchers use CRISPR to block HIV replication in live animals
April 26, 2017   Artificial womb succeeds in lamb study
April 19, 2017   The public needs to know the truth about animals in biomedical research
April 12, 2017   Human monoclonal antibody cures Marburg, Ravn infections in monkeys
April 5, 2017   Pandemic risk has never been higher, experts warn
March 29, 2017   Trump requests immediate cuts to science, health spending
March 22, 2017   Proposed NIH cuts would gut groundbreaking research, scientists say
March 15, 2017   Limits on vaccine tests in non-human primates threaten great apes’ survival
March 8, 2017   Cryopreservation method could expand access to organ transplants
March 1, 2017  Canine studies might lead to better Alzheimer’s disease therapies
February 22, 2017   End of NIH chimpanzee research may imperil great apes
February 15, 2017   Studies find Zika in wild monkeys but not domesticated animals
February 8, 2017   22 comparative oncology trials target cancer in dogs and humans
February 1, 2017   Researchers develop new canine influenza vaccines
January 25, 2017   Study could improve cat, human health
January 18, 2017   Animal tissue database designed to facilitate sharing
January 11, 2017   Plague vaccines show promise in preclinical studies
January 4, 2017    CDC head: Much still needs to be done in the battle against Zika


July - December 2016

December 28, 2016   Ebola vaccine appears 100% effective in humans after success in monkeys
December 21, 2016   Experimental vaccine cures melanoma in mice
December 14, 2016   Mouse studies expand understanding of human speech disorders
December 7, 2016   Animal studies may lead to functional HIV cure
November 30, 2016   Comparative oncology offers promise for animals and people
November 23, 2016   New mouse model might improve Zika virus research
November 16, 2016   Paralyzed monkeys regain leg movement with brain implant
November 9, 2016   How animal research helps us all
November 2, 2016   Zika virus linked to reduced testosterone, sperm count in mice
October 26, 2016   Criticism of primate research often relies on false premises
October 19, 2016   Why non-human primates are crucial to brain research
October 12, 2016   Radiation on deep-space mission might damage astronauts’ brains
October 5, 2016   Health officials reveal plan to combat Zika with new funding
September 28, 2016   Research in nonhuman primates is critical to medical progress
September 21, 2016   Animal studies prioritize ethics, human health
September 14, 2016   Scientists laud life-saving benefits of primate research
September 7, 2016   Zika virus detected in tears of infected mice
August 31, 2016   Researchers zero in on a Zika vaccine with animal testing successes
August 24, 2016   Why animal research remains essential to medical advances
August 17, 2016   Optogenetics research shows brain’s plasticity
August 10, 2016   3 experimental vaccines protect monkeys against Zika
August 3, 2016   2 companies launch Phase I trials of Zika vaccine candidates
July 27, 2016   Scientists explore new model organisms
July 20, 2016   Animal lab fast-tracking Zika research with data sharing
July 13, 2016   Researchers see promise in treatment for blind mice
July 6, 2016   Dolly’s legacy: Cloning debate, stem cell advances

January - June 2016

June 29, 2016   Scientists use animal research to put Zika virus puzzle pieces together
June 22, 2016   Labs prepare for human testing in push for Zika vaccine
June 15, 2016   Powerful gene editing tool raises hopes, concerns
June 8, 2016   Scientists close in on universal cancer vaccine
June 1, 2016   Study stokes conversation about cell phone safety
May 25, 2016   Researchers excise HIV DNA from animal tissue
May 18, 2016   Animal research is critical to developing a Zika vaccine
May 11, 2016   How pets are helping advance cancer care
May 4, 2016   Antibody injections prevent HIV infection in animal model
April 27, 2016   Labs working to close the research animal gender gap
April 20, 2016   Cooler lab temps alter mouse biology, might skew research findings
April 13, 2016   Bacteria dominate newly drawn tree of life
April 6, 2016   Proactive research is the best defense against emerging diseases 
March 30, 2016   Animal models key to understanding, fighting Zika virus 
March 23, 2016   Early treatment of HIV-infected newborns may clear infection, animal study finds 
March 16, 2016   New method may reduce heart transplant rejection 
March 9, 2016   Researchers turn to animal models to make sense of Zika virus
March 2, 2016   How biomedical researchers’ innovations save lives 
February 24, 2016   Antibody study raises hopes for Ebola vaccine
February 17, 2016   NIH requires animal trials to include females
February 10, 2016   Scientists chase clearer link between Zika virus and birth defects
February 3, 2016   Scientists target mosquitoes to fight Zika virus
January 27, 2016   Scientists mobilize to fight Zika virus
January 20, 2016   Antibodies to Ebola show promise in animal testing
January 13, 2016   Without adequate preclinical studies, many Ebola treatments fail
January 6, 2016   Study shows promise for treating Duchenne muscular dystrophy