Venomous snakes are often feared, and for good reason. Snake venom can assault the cardiovascular and nervous systems and cause tissue death, and it doesn’t take much to be extremely dangerous or fatal to a human. For proof, check out this video to give you an idea of the effect snake venom can have on human blood.

Pretty creepy, right? And although the results might make you shudder- and hope that you’re never alone in a room with a pissed off venomous snake- let’s look at the bright side.

Obviously, the venom of some snakes can help blood coagulate. And there are times when this could be a real benefit to people. It turns out that snake venom can help expedite blood test results in patients who have received anticoagulants. It usually takes longer to process bloodwork in critically ill patients who have received anti-clotting medications, and it turns out that blood collection tubes infused with snake venom allow testing time to be reduced from 40 minutes to 10 minutes! This could undoubtedly save lives, and it’s amazing to see the benefits of such a scary phenomenon.

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