Long term space flight could be detrimental to higher processing in the brain. Recently, researchers at the University of California and NASA have raised questions about whether space travel beyond the earth’s reaches could permanently affect how astronauts think.

This comes in the midst of conversations about manned trips to Mars. Ionized particles and titanium found in the space environment could cause damage to the central nervous system during long term travel. In fact, rodents that were in simulated space environments like astronauts showed signs of brain inflammation that interrupted communication between neurons. Researchers believe that long term radiation exposure in space could lead to memory loss, and loss of awareness, a situation they call “space madness”.

What about astronauts on the International Space Station?

Read more at www.biosciencetechnology.com/articles/2015/05/space-madness-long-term-space-trips-could-impair-astronaut-brains?et_cid=4553393&et_rid=748938987&type=cta

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