In a long heated debate over which is better real sugar or artificial sweeteners, evidence is pointing to the latter.

How did artificial sweeteners get such a bad rap in the first place? Some early flawed studies linking them to cancer where only one or two generations of lab rats fed copious amounts of saccharine. Then aspartame came into the picture and was again labeled a cancer causer….. in people over 70, who were not the main consumers of aspartame and oddly it was also blamed for a tumor rise in the 1970’s when it did not actually hit the market until 1981.

So what of the sugar, added sugar that is, argument? Well let’s start with obesity, type II diabetes, and cardiovascular disease all brought on by the over consumption of added sugar.  The “sugar is natural” argument can certainly be made here but the natural sugar in milk and fruit is not the enemy, it’s the added sugar we consume.

Am I cheering for either side of this debate? No, not really but please click below to read more on the subject and make your own informed decision.

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