A new study has just come out about the benefits of Resveratrol. Resveratrol is a plant protein that is produced in times stress like drought and ultraviolet radiation. The best known sources are grapes and cacao beans among other plants and the most familiar research has been the heart protective effects of red wine. Now research at the Scripps Institute can give us a clue as to why it is protective of the heart with just a couple of glasses of wine, AND may offer longevity as well!

In times of stress, Resveratrol protects the cell nucleus and interacts with DNA repair. Other research studies in mice, in recent years, have looked at the use of Resveratrol in diabetes, and general stamina in exercise on running wheels.

Researchers are hopeful because they believe that the study of proteins like Resveratrol has just begun. There are many, many more proteins that can be studied in the same way.  So toast the holidays, responsibly of course, with a glass of red wine, and do your cells some good!!



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