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Do you support ethical animal research?

2019 veterinary poll

Half of respondents support animal research and testing

“Animal rights activists claim that animal research is a waste of time and money. However, organs-on-a-chip and computer simulations cannot fully replicate everything that happens when a chemical or compound enters a living organism,” Foundation for Biomedical Research President Matthew R. Bailey said. “Without animal research, there would be no smallpox vaccine, no Ebola vaccine, no cancer immunotherapy treatments and no hope for a coronavirus treatment or vaccine.”

“Animal research is also responsible for veterinary treatments and procedures that help our pets live longer, healthier lives. If we let animal activists’ categorical imperatives drive science and medicine, we will drastically slow basic research and the drug discovery process,” he continued. “This could have terrible consequences for the health of the public and for our beloved pets.”

2019TotalTo improve the health of humansTo improve the health of animalsTo advance scientific knowledge”To assess potential toxicity of chemicals used in agriculture
Yes. I support animal research and testing48%25%34%22%19%
No. I do not support animal research and testing for any reason52%

Veterinary Practice News conducted the above poll for FBR with 292 respondents between Oct. 15 – Nov. 18, 2019.

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