A key vitamin in cell growth, Vitamin A, or retinoids, has been used to treat every thing from skin maladies to leukemia. This antioxidant is found the things we eat including animal and plant forms. The plant version is known as beta-carotene. Most of the time we eat enough Vitamin A rich foods to satisfy the body’s requirements.

Recent research from Purdue University has found another way Vitamin A helps our bodies. It directs traffic in the immune system to the intestines. When there are low levels of Vitamin A, the intestinal lining is also low on the normal immune cells that help fight infection, which can result in bacteria or viruses getting in.

Thanks to the information gained from studies in mice, researchers we able to understand what role Vitamin A plays in signaling immune cells, called T Cells and B cells, to travel to the intestines for fighting potential invaders.

Having this information, researchers may now be able to develop more effective treatments for intestinal infections as well as other diseases like irritable bowel syndrome and perhaps autoimmune diseases as well.

More info at www.alnmag.com/news/2015/07/study-finds-vitamin-directs-immune-cells-intestines?et_cid=4669494&et_rid=792448939&location=top


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