Nature made and amazing – the squid has given researchers something to talk about! After taking a closer look at the teeth of the squid, scientists have been able to duplicate the protein molecules found there to create thermoplastic. What is really cool about this thermoplastic is that it can then be recreated by a 3D printer. What on earth would one do with thermoplastic? You may find thermoplastic in shampoo bottles, children’s toys, eye glass lenses, and the most popular in my home ….. LEGO’s. These researchers are striving for a different type of thermoplastic, one that can be used “for medical or cosmetic applications.”

This application is particularly interesting to me because it can lead to advancements in medical procedures to help our wounded soldiers after incurring blast injuries.

Learn more about the squid and how these new materials are being created:

Squid teeth are basis for 3D-printing plastic


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