Picture, if you will, the following scene:

The subject is at a medical facility, getting an injection he doesn’t want. He is screaming, wailing, thrashing. Nobody is giving him anything for his pain. Nobody is helping him at all. The medical professional holds the squirming patient down while steadying the needle. Her assistants in the room seem not to care. They do nothing to stop the doctor from performing his task. In fact, they encourage it.  The doctor says, “Just hold still – if you just hold still, it’ll be over quick.” If someone took a photo right now, it would look pretty horrific.

Finally, it’s over. The subject is still crying, still in pain. He definitely doesn’t want to be there.  But he had no choice in the matter.  The decision was made for him.

This happens every day in America.  All over the country, probably at a site near you. What scene is this?

An animal research lab?

A secret CIA interrogation facility?

Nope – what was just described is a child getting a routine shot. Happens all the time in pediatricians’ offices all across the country. With good reason, because vaccines are essential for good health in the 21st century.

But if you describe it as something horrible, something out of context, with loaded words and vivid adjectives, then you would be shocked. How can they do this behind closed doors, you might think.

That’s what happens when animal activists use scare tactics to tell the public about animal research.  Don’t listen to the scare tactics.  Know that researchers, veterinarians, vet techs, and everyone working in labs care about animals – that’s why they work there. If they didn’t care about animals, they wouldn’t be working with them.

Context is everything.  You need to know the details of a picture or be sure a video hasn’t been edited. After all, you can take anything, even the most innocent and innocuous thing, and turn it into something out of a horror movie.



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